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3rd Combat Service Support Battalion (3 CSSB) Replicated


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1 x 3 CSSB patch.

The 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion (3 CSSB) is a unit of the 3rd Brigade. The battalion provides transport, supply, maintenance and health support to the 3rd Brigade to enable it to deliver its combat and combat support functions.

The 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion is based at the Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland.

3 CSSB is a diverse unit made up of about 500 officers and soldiers from 12 corps comprising 42 different employment categories, including vehicle mechanics, cargo specialists, driver specialists, medical and electronics technicians to name just a few. It has a variety of equipments and vehicles which allow it to deploy rapidly into the field or on operations as part of the 3rd Brigade’s Ready Deployment Force.

The current structure of 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion is:
• Admin Company
• 2nd Health Company
• 3rd Field Supply Company
• 9th Transport Squadron


Wundurra made.

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