ADVENTURE Badge – Cadet Corps (#1)


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4 in stock

1 x ADVENTURE Badge :   2 x pins secure/intact  :


From “Barker College Cadet Unit- 100 Year History 1900 – 2000 by David Cooper (p103)” in part.. ‘Of course it was far more than just scaling the heights. The course lasted five days and took in navigation, compass usage, first aid and map reading,as well as a proven ability to withstand the physical and mental strain of taking part in everything and having to pass every test and assessment. If a cadet was wearing his ATA badge on his uniform everyone knew what he had achieved. It has since become the most coveted award in the Australian Cadet Corps’… (first course held in 1969)

See CB 109A of:  “Metal Uniform Embellishments of the Australian Army – Post 1953 (QE11 Series)”.

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